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Art, Music and Mojitos – Part 1

Just Arrived

I had an opportunity to attend the Fort Worth, Texas annual Main Street Arts Festival on Saturday.  Yep, that’s me wearing a sweater.  I know it was at least 70 degrees but it was chilly for me.  I did manage to lose it later on and enjoy the beautiful Spring day in Texas.

It’s been many years since I’ve had the chance to attend this festival and I cannot believe how much it has grown.  What was once a great little festival for many local artists and craftsmen has now become the largest in the Southwest and the best in Texas featuring artists from all over the nation.  By noon on Saturday the crowds were almost impassible in some of the areas.  Here is a look down Main Street.

A Look Down Main

Upper Main

This festival is so much fun!  It is equally as fun for the kids as it is for the retirees.  Did I mention how fun it was?  Just check out these kiddos!

Check out the face paint!

The three stages set at various points through the 9 block area hosted live music with enough variety to capture audiences of all ages.  The performing arts stage even had everything from jazz to Cirque Zuma Zuma.

Great music everywhere we turned!

You can check out a couple of videos here on our Youtube channel.

It was sometimes hard to get motivated into walking back into the crowds to view the artists booth when the bands just played one great song after another.  While standing in the area of this stage, we saw that local restaurants had set up shop all around the plaza area.  The variety of restaurants featured was surprising since they were selling “street food” type servings.

My favorite shot taken at the festival was of this darling family.   As we were walking by them, the mom was trying to share a crawfish (mud bug) with little one.  He had a terrible look on his face that was clearly saying “Unh uh, no way!”  I asked if they minded if I took a picture of them for this post and the second I raised the camera the little one was all smiles and quite the ham!

Cutest Family at the Festival

Did I mention Mojitos in the title?  Of course I did!  My adoring husband said “Look honey, it’s a Mojito booth!”  He would never let me miss out on a yummy, fresh concoction on a warm day.

Mojito Mamma!

All in all, this was a fabulous day trip to the historic city of Fort Worth and I can’t wait to share with you my two new favorite artists.  I had the opportunity to visit with each of them for a while even with the crazy crowds.  Check out Part 2 of this series to meet them yourself.

Happy Travels,


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