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A Monkey By Any Other Name

We Have a Winner!

After an extensive search and help from many of you, our little travel mascot finally has a name.  He took his time carefully choosing since he had so many to choose from.  He wanted to be sure that the name he chose would serve him on all his future travel adventures and be something people would remember.  Some of you came up with really catchy names and great stories to go with them.  It was hard to choose.  The winning submission was from someone who was ineligible to win and because of this, we went with the second place choice to receive the vacation certificate.  That person was Carla Gardiner with the name “Maxwell Smarty Pants”.  Congratulations, Carla!

Without further ado, I introduce to you:  Napoleon Bananaparte aka Leon.

From Leon:  “Hi, everybody.  Thanks for helping me choose a great name for my new life here as the travel mascot for Yapa Now Travel.  I’m really a very good mascot and I love to travel, meet new people and experience new cultures.  I’m pretty game for anything but I don’t swim!  Have you ever seen a wet monkey?  Well, it’s not a pretty sight.  My new family tells me it’s okay, I don’t have to swim if I don’t want to.  They said I could stay dry and safe on the boat.  I just hope we get to do some zip lining or something fun like that!   I will try to keep the shenanigans down to a minimum but sometimes, I just can’t help myself.  You know how monkeys are… they’re a handful!   Thanks again for your help.   I look forward to sharing my stories with you.  Yours truly,  Leon”

He's already planning!

He was so excited last night that he could hardly contain himself.  As monkeys often do, he literally did swing from the chandeliers and bounce all throughout the house.  Monkeys are much like small children.  When they get quiet you have to go check on them.  They are either asleep or up to something.  I found him by his trunk with the iPad.  He was so intense on the map he didn’t even realize I was there.  It appears he is already checking the Trip Advisor app for his first road-trip with us.  Rumor has it that there is a place in Oklahoma where his Uncle Joe used to live that he really wants to check out.

You can tell by the smile on his face as he lay down to sleep, he is a very happy monkey indeed!

A very happy day!

 Be sure to check back in on Leon’s adventures.  He tells me he has many surprises for us and can’t wait to get on the road and in the air.
Congratulations again, Carla!  Your certificate is on the way.
Happy Travels,

Edwina and Leon

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