Yapa Now Travel was created from a true love of travel and a desire to help others enjoy their travel experiences to the fullest.

Shortly after I met my husband I left my career to work with him at his company and many years later when we sold the company I found myself with time on my hands and a need to do something fun and exciting.  We both love to travel and I am a born explorer at heart.  Whether exploring the subway in NYC or examining the ruins in Tulum, Mexico, I am a happy soul.

I love Mexico.  On my first trip there, we spent time in the Riviera Maya which is a beautiful coastal area on the East Coast of Mexico and then moved up into Cancun to experience the more touristy sights and excursion.  From that first trip, I fell in love and now get to share that love with other travelers while I help them design the vacation of their dreams.  By now you know, I specialize in Mexico but I also work with many groups and couples for destination weddings, weddingmoons and honeymoons.

I am available by phone or email virtually 7 days a week.  I believe in providing options to my clients so that they know what is available to them in a specific destination in Mexico or what types of destination weddings are available at the couple’s chosen resort.   No request is too large to tackle nor too trivial to pursue.  Your vacation experience should be everything you have dreamed it would be.

“Yapa” means: a little something extra for the customer.  As a “do-it-yourself” traveler for many years, I know the headaches and heartaches that can be felt when making vacation plans only to find out that the destination or resort I chose was not what I saw in the pictures or the service was terrible.   My expertise in Mexico and with destination weddings help me to steer my clients into the perfect destination.  I go the extra mile for my clients to find them the best deals available through numerous travel suppliers and then work to get them the absolute most for their money.  And, of course, I always throw in a little “yapa”.

Edwina Parker



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