When In Texas…

I recently had a rare but welcomed “aha” moment.  I’ve been less than inspired of late, mainly because this crazy year has put a damper on our usual travel plan.  I like to share stories, information, pictures and recommendations from experience and there just hasn’t been much of it lately, or so I thought.

For the next month or so, I want to share with you my home state, Texas.   From the stockyards in Fort Worth, to international Galleria shopping in Dallas and Houston, to the incredible Gulf coast and the beautiful Hill Country there is an enormous array of destinations, experiences and culinary treats to be found.  I’m really excited to share everything with you and maybe inspire you to visit this awesome state.

Let’s start with the number one tip for visiting Texas.  Rent a car!!  Everything is bigger in Texas, or so we say.  If you want to really experience all that Texas has to offer, rent a car and do what we grow up doing.  We measure distance by time, not miles.  Sounds a little different, doesn’t it?  If I’m heading to the coast, for example, I don’t know how far it is in miles but I know that I can be in Galveston in less than 6 hours depending on traffic I hit in Houston.  If I am going home to visit family, it’s a 2.5 hour drive.  Heading to Dallas?  Yep, about 45 minutes.  Not one of those destinations do I know the mileage for.  It’s just not the way we travel.

Texas is large… really large and there is no way you can experience any given area by cab or public transport alone.  Even staying in Dallas is easier with your own mode of transport.  Face it, this is not New York and we are not known for our public transportation.  We are spread out without a lot of “walking distance” attractions close by.  Trust me, rent a car.  You will find so much more opened up to you.

I can’t wait to tell you about the real vacation Mr. Yapa and I have planned, right here in the State of Texas!  Stay tuned…

Happy travels,


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4 thoughts on “When In Texas…

  1. Like they say, “Texas! It’s like a whole other country”.

    • Yes, we do say that. We also say “Texas is a state of mind!”. 🙂 If you ever get down this way, Mr. Yapa and I would love to share some Texas hospitality with you.

  2. looking forward to all these Texas posts! My significant other is from there as well, would love to learn more about it =)

    – Maria Alexandra

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