What are you waiting for? Just GO!

I know in advance this post will not speak to everyone.  I have at least one conversation a week about the following subject with clients who are anywhere from 50 on up.  It breaks my heart to hear people tell me they would love to travel but have a hang up about doing something for themselves when they should be saving money for the future or for their children.  In response to all of you who feel this way I want to say — Just GO!

Ok, so you were born during the Baby Boom of 1946-64.  We hear “Boomers this and Boomers that” a lot when someone or some company is trying to sell us something.  I, too, am a Boomer and I know they are capitalizing on my age and market to the income bracket many of us enjoy.  Let’s get past all that and talk about where we are in our lives and what we have yet to do.  For the most part, we were raised to graduate school, get married, look for a work with a company you could retire with, have children and retire.  There were strong values instilled in us from birth. My parents, who are still working by the way, have begun to take a few trips here and there and I am so proud of them.  As a parent and grandparent I would like to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and do something solely for yourselves.  That is NOT selfishness to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Some of you may be of the thought that you have saved all this money so that you would have something to leave your kids.  While that is an honorable trait, don’t you think you should also teach them that life is about living, experiencing and learning?  You have taught them the value of money by example, don’t you think they will do what they have learned and not be waiting on an inheritance?

We have worked all our adult lives to provide a good home and everything needed for our families.  We have socked away money for a rainy day and we have gotten our financial house in order.  Now what?  Yep, you’ve got it!  Travel!  See the world or your own backyard.  It doesn’t matter where you go as much as just taking the step and going.  What are you waiting for?  We’ve told ourselves we would do it when we were through working or raising our children but that time never seems to get there for some of us. I want to share with you what my beautiful mother-in-love once said, “This is supposed to be our golden years.  There ain’t nothing golden about it at this age.”.  Again, I ask you, what are you waiting for?  You’re not getting any younger, by the way.

Travel is such an amazing opportunity for us to experience life.  You don’t have to sail around the world or rent a villa in Spain for a month, you just need to get away from home and enjoy yourself.  Are you and your spouse living a routine?  When is the last time you experienced something new and exciting together?  Do you have any idea how many short road trips or airplane flights can take you to places and experiences you’ve never had?  If you live in the desert, try heading out to the coast or up to the mountains.  If you live in a rural area, try heading out to a big city or tourist area.   Visiting other areas of our own country or those of another country are some of the most incredible learning experiences you will ever have.  You will meet people, see new sights, have a light heart and rediscover how much you enjoy spending time with your travel companion and seeing the world.

I encourage you to make a bucket list or wish list.  Think about the things you would like to see or places you would like to go and write them down.  The act of putting them on paper is the first step to realizing a dream.  Then find yourself a travel agent who will listen to you and help you make a plan.  Agents normally do not charge for their services and they are experts in travel.  Then, take a chance, get out of the house and away from home and enjoy your life.

To the golden years!!!

Happy Travels,


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3 thoughts on “What are you waiting for? Just GO!

  1. I could not have said it better!!! Another thing, do not wait till you are retired to travel, like you say take every opportunity. People who say they are waiting till they retire will never travel, its just one more excuse. I live by my motto: Have suitcase will travel!

    • Cynthia, you are a woman after my own heart! It’s easy to find excuses to “do it later” but we never know what the future will bring.

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