Discovering Historic Bed & Breakfast Travel

When someone mentions Bed & Breakfast, what is your first thought?  Do you immediately turn away from the thought because you opt for the luxury of a new modern hotel?  Or do you have a hard time imagining what it would be like to stay in someone’s home?  Let me share with you what I have experienced in B&B’s as well as my love for them.

History of the B & B

The Bed & Breakfast has been around in the US since early settlement days.  As settlers moved further West, families along the way would open their homes to them and provide a place to stay as well as breakfast the next morning to send them on their way.

During the depression many families opened their homes to travelers in hopes of supplementing the family income.  During the 50’s, the boom of highways throughout the US and the motels that rapidly sprang up caused a decline in the B&B or “tourist house”.

As our nation and travelers in general became fascinated with our history, many of the historic homes throughout the country have been converted into an opportunity to step back in time if even for a night.

Today’s B&B

Today’s bed and breakfast inns are often historical in nature and they are my favorite.  Turn of the century homes have been converted into guest rooms and the owners usually work hard to restore them as historically accurate as possible.  Here are a few pictures of an awesome B&B in Gonzales, Texas where we stayed a weekend.

Our room

Awaiting Breakfast

I must tell you how much I adore staying in a B&B.  For the price, which is comparable to hotel rooms, they are my first choice when available.  I am a bit of a history junkie so being in places filled with antiques, being treated like royalty, learning the history behind a town or building, is right up my alley.  It is easy to get spoiled.

Not all of them are historic homes, they come in all shapes and sizes.  In Texas we have many that are off-the-beaten-path places with cabins along a lake or somewhere else aside beautiful scenery where breakfast is brought to your cabin in the morning.  The opportunity for relaxing in nature is often just what the doctor ordered in our stress filled lives.

Whether you are looking for a quick overnight stop or a relaxing vacation, the bed and breakfast option is one you should consider.  Give it a try… you might find a whole new way to travel!

Happy travels,

Edwina Parker

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8 thoughts on “Discovering Historic Bed & Breakfast Travel

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  2. There is nothing like the warmth and ambiance of a B&B – no hotel no matter how luxurious even comes close. I am planning a trip to Florence Italy in December for 2-3 weeks – can you help me find a charming place to stay, B&B or cottage apartment, in downtown Florence?

  3. I’ve used a few bed & breakfast and actually liked them. They have great service!
    Norma Doiron @ The LEARNED Preneur ╰☆╮

  4. What better place to rest and relax than a historic site…..wonderful idea!

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