2011 Vacation Trends for Mexico

As we closed out the first quarter of 2011, I am not surprised to see that vacation planning has not slowed down due to the economy.  What I am seeing is that clients want to do their planning further in advance than they ever have before.  For some it is a matter of being able to take longer to pay off the balance of their trip, yet for others it is more of a matter of planning far enough in advance to insure they have set aside the time for their much anticipated vacation.  As early as February, I had requests for 2012 vacation proposals.

I have also noticed a trend towards longer vacations.  Many of my clients opted for a couple of “long weekend” vacations in years past but have now decided to take one vacation of at least a week to 10 day.  The reasons for this are as varied as the clients themselves but the most common comment I have heard is directly related to the cost of airfare.  I have not noticed a drastic change in the cost of airfare over the past few months, but with the cost of oil skyrocketing, there is always that possibility.

My favored travel suppliers have exceptional last minute deals for those who cannot or do not want to plan far in advance.  The prices for last minute getaways whether they are for a weekend or a week long stay are well below the average.  Great last minute deals can be found here on my website.

As in years past, Mexico is again a hot spot for vacationers.  With the wide variety of vacation destinations and it’s proximity to the US, Mexico is becoming a favored choice of clients looking for variety.  No longer is Mexico considered only for it’s beautiful beaches.  With culinary and historical tours, eco adventures, world class golf courses and, of course, breath taking beaches, Mexico has it all.

Take heart travelers!  The vacation of your dreams is available.  Share with me your ultimate vacation and let me show you how to get there!

Happy travels,

Edwina Parker

Yapa Now Travel


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