First Time Travel in Mexico – Romantic Travel

A young couple, Chloe and Eric, contacted me through another client with a desire to take a romantic getaway.  They had been married for a few years and were trying to have a child. Neither of the two had ever been outside the country and had no real destination in mind. They wanted someplace warm with a beach and that pretty much completed their want list.  Well, that narrowed it down…

After asking questions about budget, travel documents, what type of activities they enjoyed, how long they intended to stay, I found out everything I needed to help them make this dream a reality.  They wanted to stay a week, they wanted to enjoy as many outdoor activities as possible but also wanted to have romantic nights alone together and the grandparents-to-be were paying for the trip.  Apparently, Chloe’s parents were hoping this getaway would jump start the baby process.

The first order of business was to get the couple their passports.  As they wanted to go within a couple of months we short cut the process by having them apply in person.  There are stations all across the country that allow you to do this at your convenience.  You can find more information here.

I chose three resorts for them in the Cancun/Riviera Maya area.  Each of the resorts had close access to wonderful day trips and excursions, had onsite spas, were adult only resorts, beautiful beaches and plenty of activities to keep them occupied during the day.  As they browsed the pictures and the information on each resort they asked questions about everything.  I love this part of my job.  Remembering that this couple had never been out of the country made it very important to share all necessary information with them from the start in a format that they could read over again before they go such as currency conversion, language, travel tips, etc.

Chloe and Eric chose their resort and shared the info with Chloe’s parents.  We had the vacation and a couple of excursions booked for them the next day.  I even managed to get a room upgrade and a beach-side romantic dinner thrown in for good measure!  I shared more information with them about their travel documents, their resort, the area and the excursions they had chosen in pdf form so they could print and carry with them.

I’m happy to report that they did not wait to call me when they returned from their trip.  They called the day after arrival just to say “thank you” for making their dreams come true.  They said the resort was perfect and exactly what they had hoped for.

I called them after they returned from the trip and found that they wanted to start planning another trip in the Spring.  It is such a joy to share knowledge with someone that allows them to experience the joy of travel without having to venture into the total unknown.

Romance is alive and well in Mexico.  Just ask Chloe and Eric!

Edwina Parker, Owner/Agent

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