Mexico Destination Wedding – Review of Destination Weddings in Mexico

Mexico offers a multitude of destination wedding options for couples seeking unforgettable memories.  From the sexy Caribbean coast resorts to magnificent Pacific coast and interior Mexico resorts you are only limited by your own imagination.  Mexico offers couples true diversity in their choice of destinations and experiences.

Let’s review some of the facts surrounding your choice of Mexico as your dream wedding destination.

The marriage requirements in Mexico tend to vary from state to state with each jurisdiction setting their own marriage license rules for foreigners.  What is standard is that you will need your passport and tourist card (provided by the airline when you arrive).  If you drive into Mexico you will need to get your tourist card yourself upon arrival.  You will probably also need your birth certificate translated into Spanish and certified.

There is a two to three day waiting period for marrying in Mexico dependent on which state your wedding will be.  You must plan for a period of three days prior to the wedding to insure that you have your paperwork ready.

Your marriage is not legal unless it is a civil ceremony performed at a local Civil Register Office.  You can then hold the religious or symbolic wedding with or without guests at the resort to experience the dream wedding you have in mind.

The mandatory blood test is also alive and well in Mexico.  You need to allow a couple of days to have that completed.

Needless to say, it is not totally painless to be married in Mexico but you must adhere to the rules of state in order to have a valid marriage.  Using an experienced travel agent will insure the success of your plans as well as the legality of your marriage.

We often suggest to clients that they have their wedding in Mexico with all the trimmings and then when they return home to the US, they make it legal here by a civil marriage in front of the Justice of the Peace.  We advise having the ceremony performed after the wedding in Mexico so that you do not have the problem of getting your drivers license and passport changed to reflect your new name.

Now for the up-side to all of this, Mexico is an extremely romantic and beautiful country to exchange vows with the one you love.  Many, if not most, resorts feature the use of a wedding coordinator to make your wedding dreams a reality.  These coordinators are often free of charge and if you are traveling with a group of guests, it is possible to receive a “free” wedding.  Resorts love to book groups and the larger your group the larger the benefits your travel agent will be able to secure for you.

As a couple your biggest concern should be who you are inviting, where and what type of wedding you desire.  Do you want a beach-side wedding?  Or maybe a close intimate wedding alongside a beautiful cenote’ in the jungle?  Or, what about a classic wedding in a Spanish influenced cathedral?  Are you scuba divers and want to marry beneath the waves? All of these options are available and more.  Wherever your imagination takes you, it can be done in Mexico.

When you add all of this to the fact that a destination dream wedding could cost you less than half what a home church wedding costs, it’s no wonder they are becoming a top choice for many new couples.

As a travel agent specializing in Mexico and romantic travel I understand how confusing it can all be.  A wedding is something we girls dream about, right?  Well, wouldn’t you want someone to take care of those things for you and work for you to insure that your dream wedding is not a nightmare?  That is what you get with a travel agent.  We KNOW which resorts cater to the type of wedding you want, which ones fit your budget and how to get you the best deal for the best price.

I am happy to answer any questions you have or provide you with more information. Please contact me with any questions.

Edwina Parker

Mexico Specialist

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