Welcome to Yapa Now Travel!

If you already read the About page, you know I love my job as a travel agent and I absolutely love Mexico.  I fell in love with Mexico on my first visit.  The warm ocean breeze and the beautiful flora and fauna in the Riviera Maya area was breathtaking compared to our little slice of paradise in Texas.  This soon became my dream destination spot.  I vowed to return over and over to explore and discover more of this incredible country.  Long after witnessing a beautiful wedding beach side and experiencing as much as possible, I had an opportunity to become a travel agent and share my knowledge and experience with others. I jumped at the chance.  I now specialize in Mexico and romantic travel including destination weddings, honeymoons and weddingmoons.

There are as many different types of vacations in Mexico as there are the world over.  With everything from beach destinations, Mayan ruins to explore, culinary tours and luxury resorts to destination dream weddings, Mexico has it all.  The Mexico tourism board has created a motto stating “Mexico  The place you thought you knew.”  I always tell my clients what an incredible adventure it is, no matter what the destination or purpose and upon their return they admit, it was not the Mexico they had heard about.

Yapa Now Travel – Because you deserve a little something extra.

Edwina Parker

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